Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Friday Already

And it's payday so I just paid the bills but couldn't pay all of them because we haven't gotten the electric bill yet. Which will probably come today since I've already paid the bills. If you don't pay your bills online yet, I highly recommend it. So much easier than writing out checks and stamping envelopes and then forgetting to mail them. Who still writes checks these days anyway? I'm always kind of stumped when I see somebody paying with a check at a store, don't you have a debit card? Or are you just floating that check for a few days? Until payday?

Speaking of money, this is the first year since I can remember that we've actually had money to buy each other gifts for Christmas. We decided to get some stockings and we'll put some small gifts in them and since we don't have a tree any bigger gifts will get put on the bookshelves where our stockings are hanging. They are hanging on the bookshelves because we don't have a fireplace never mind a mantle. I had to specify things that I could use for Keith to go buy because he really has no clue and he specified things that I could get for him. I'm just about done with his shopping but he hasn't even started mine. I just hope he doesn't pull a Homer Simpson and shop at the Quickie Mart on Christmas Eve.

I'm seriously thinking about buying some long underwear for this winter. I mentioned it to Keith which might have been a mistake because I might find long underwear in my stocking and they'll probably be the wrong size. Seriously, our local weatherman said that December is our coldest month here and I definitely believe him. I just can't seem to get warm enough and don't even want to go outside these days. Not that it snows here or anything and for a lot of people our current 34 degrees outside would be positively balmy not to mention the highs in the 50s during the day. But, I'm cold.

What else is going on? I think the Christmas Rush is kind of done with on Etsy, November was wonderful for sales but December is kind of slow so far. I guess I got spoiled with multiple sales a day in November and now only a sale or two a day seems rather anti-climactic.

Next week is Keith's vacation. He is supposed to work on all the unfinished projects around the house but I have a feeling he will be sitting in his underwear watching Oprah part of the time.

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