Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Check Those Expiration Dates and Front Page News and Other Stuff

Yesterday morning I was making some more coffee and was rummaging around in the little coffee cupboard next to the stove, one of those corner cupboards that are basically useless because besides the fact that you need a stepladder to reach anything on the second shelf, you have to kind of lean over the stove to get anything that's further back on the shelf and you hope you don't accidentally turn on the stove and catch yourself on fire while leaning. Anyway. I found the coffee pot cleaner stuff and got that out thinking that it's been a long long time since I used that stuff and maybe it's time for a coffee pot clean and then found two bags of throat lozenges behind the coffee pot cleaner stuff. I was going to toss them up on the second shelf where other assorted medicines and cold remedies reside but out of curiosity decided to see if the bags had expiration dates on them. Which they did.

As you can see, they expired quite some time ago. I'm thinking maybe I'd better get the stepladder out and see what all's on that second shelf.

And, yesterday I was checking my Etsy shop stats which were flatlined all day long until a huge spike in views in the afternoon, with one pin in particular getting over 100 views. What's up with that? I went to another site where you can check if you have been featured on the Etsy front page, and sure enough and of course I missed it, my pin was on the front page.

Bottom left corner is my pin.

I guess the Christmas rush is over, I sent out my last orders yesterday and woke up to no emails this morning. I'm anxious for the holidays to be over with so I can clean out all the Christmas stuff from my shop because there is nothing sadder than Christmas stuff sitting around in someone's shop on December 26. Keith suggested putting it all on sale but the prices are already so low that I'd end up paying someone to take the stuff off my hands after sales and paypal fees. Just not worth it.

It's almost the New Year if you didn't know that yet. A New Year where we are going to have to listen to politicians for months and months and months. It should be an interesting election year with the 'winners' they have running for President. What a choice. I'm disappointed that Herman Cain couldn't keep his hands to himself (among other parts of his body) because I kind of liked him and probably would have voted for him. Keith thought it would be awesome to have two black men running against each other. That would really burn all of those people who hate Obama simply because he is black. HA! Oh, well, instead we'll have a choice between Arrogance and a Rich Mormon or maybe even a crazy lady.

The one thing I would like for the New Year, though, is to never have to see, read, or hear any other thing about those Kardashian twits.

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