Thursday, December 1, 2011

Toilet Paper and Turkey Bean Bake and Vacation!

Toilet paper. Something that is nice to have around the house since they don't send out the Montgomery Wards catalog anymore. We bought some at Winco a few weeks ago that was called toilet tissue rather than toilet paper and I should have realized that when they say tissue they mean tissue. Like the tissue paper that you put in your gift boxes and bags at Christmas time, very very thin and very very fragile. So you end up using half a roll at one sitting.

So, back to Charmin for us. They have a new cheaper Charmin because regular Charmin is getting very very expensive, so they invented the poor folks Charmin, Charmin Basic. With DURAFLEX!

The word DURAFLEX just doesn't go with toilet paper, though, it is usually found on trash bag packages. Duraflex for big jobs! Well, maybe it does belong on a toilet paper package after all.

And, dinner last night. Another new recipe from one of those recipe books from the grocery store. This was from one of those Taste of Home booklets, where people send in their favorite recipes. This one said that whenever she takes it to a pot luck people often ask for the recipe. Yeah, sure they do. It sounded okay and easy and full of fiber, it basically was a recipe for baked beans with ground turkey in it, cooked of course. It was edible but just that- edible. Putting cooked ground turkey in your baked beans is not a good idea. It really isn't.

And finally, vacation. Keith came home from work last night and said that the office lady told him that he has 56 hours of vacation time on the books that he needs to use before the 17th or he will lose it. What to do? TAKE A VACATION! He didn't want to take off on such short notice but his boss said don't worry about it, take next week off. So, he's going to be home next week which will probably drive me crazy but at least I won't have to fix his lunch for work each night. I'm thinking we will try to do a few things like check out the Fresno Zoo. I love zoos and it's about 2 hours away, the same distance as the LA Zoo, but Fresno is flat where the LA Zoo is on a mountain so walking on flat surfaces sounds much less tiring. And we don't have to drive over the mountains to get there. I'm hoping he will get a few of the Unfinished Projects worked on too but I certainly won't be holding my breath waiting for that.

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