Sunday, November 20, 2011

Soup and Rain

We are having a rainy and a little bit lazy Sunday today. Well, just now getting lazy. We started out the day with an early morning trip to the grocery store for a few things, a trip that I was going to make by myself but Keith wanted to come and I had to do my best to be patient because he likes to browse in the grocery store and read labels and all that and I'm sorry, I just want to get what's on my list and get the hell out of there. Not to mention that when he comes along the bill magically doubles. Because of all the things he decides he needs, like today he wanted snacks for football watching like frozen popcorn chicken and also grabbed some frozen tuna steaks that he says he'll cook because I tend to overcook things like fish and just don't even bother trying anymore.
Then after the grocery store over to Target for cat food and litter, and of course more browsing through the grocery department despite the fact that we just left a grocery store. But I continued to try and be patient even though I wanted to grab his arm like you would a small child and drag him out of the store.
But, before we left for our shopping trip it started to sprinkle so we brought Lucy and her sleeping basket and her food and water into the garage so that she wouldn't be all rained on. And it's a good thing that we did because it's been raining ever since.

After our shopping trip I did a real clean in the living room, dusting all the shelves and moving what furniture is actually moveable and dusting the baseboards and even cleaning the cobwebs off of the outside of the sliding glass door that had been bugging me for weeks and weeks but apparently not bugging me enough to actually clean it. Keith was working on finishing up the bathroom cabinet that he built years ago and never finished. Now it has a shelf under it and maybe the doors will get put on it if he can remember where he put them.

Then lunch and kitchen clean up and he sat down to watch football and now he is napping on the couch.

Oh, and about the soup. I like soup but only in the winter time when a bowl full of something hot sounds good. I really like soup with bread on the side, but since bread is off the list of acceptable foods, a good stand in is a cheese quesadilla made with our low carb tortillas. Almost like eating a grilled cheese sandwich. Last week we were wanting pea soup for dinner and went over to Target to get some Anderson's pea soup but of course Target doesn't carry Anderson's pea soup so pea soup was off the menu. We decided on some Campbell's chunky (and oh, how much I hate the word chunky, it is not a good word to describe food as far as I'm concerned) beef and vegetable soup with dumplings. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, as soon as I opened the can and saw what they consider to be beef, pieces of what looked like those fake beef steaks but with ribbons of fat running through them, pieces of what was supposed to be beef but really looked like dog food beef, I kind of went eww but decided to try the soup anyway.

It was horrible. The weirdest taste to it, and the grossest 'beef' in it, and the slimiest dough ball dumpling things, and it was just not good and actually not even edible. Even Keith wouldn't eat it and he'll eat just about anything.

I've never been that fond of canned soup, way too high in salt and questionable ingredients, like the aforementioned 'beef' that just looked too much like Alpo, but after our Chunky Beef and Dumpling experience, I'm going to stick with homemade soup or no soup. Sorry, Campbells.

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