Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Friday? How About Small Business Saturday?

Is it just me or is it getting a little out of hand these days? Stores seem to be opening earlier and earlier and earlier, or what the heck let's just stay open all day on Thanksgiving and all night too! The earlier they open, the earlier someone can get trampled to death. Yay!

Even Michaels craft store is opening up on Thanksgiving night. That's one thing I always find I need after my turkey dinner, craft supplies!

I have never been to a Black Friday sale. Ever. Well not on purpose anyway. There was the one year when I got a bug up my you know what to clean the house on that Friday and while cleaning decided to replace the kitchen trash can because it was so beat up and stained and icky so I tossed the trash can and the trash away and then went to Walmart to buy a new trash can. Oops.

Why don't I go to a Black Friday sale? Besides the fact that I really don't enjoy shopping all that much, Black Friday falls at the end of the month. I've always had rent or house payments due at the end of the month and therefore have never had any money to spend at a Black Friday sale. I guess some people plan ahead and save up their money all year in anticipation, or just run up multiple credit cards and worry about paying them off later.

So, while people are trampling others to get to that big screen TV or whatever, I'll be cozy in my bed and then enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee on Friday morning, not in a hurry to go anywhere and certainly not stepping foot in any stores that day. But, I will be shopping on Saturday. Small Business Saturday, that is. We've decided to go downtown and browse the antique stores that day, and then maybe have some lunch at a locally owned restaurant. Hopefully others will put aside a little of their Black Friday money and do the same. Why fatten Walmart's pockets when you could help a local business stay in business?

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

I love the idea of Small Business Saturday, Yay! But I have to admit, I doubt I will be doing any shopping this weekend, with the exception of a grocery store run, if we even need to do that... I can't stand the crowds, so the savings are not really worth it in my opinion...

Happy Thanksgiving Elizabeth!