Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Still Busy

The days just don't seem to be long enough for everything that I want to get done. Along with the usual daily chores I've got my wall washing project in the back of my mind and it's also time to shampoo the carpets again.

Speaking of which. I had shampooed the carpet in the workroom after Harri hacked up hairballs all over the place and of course the very next morning there was another hairball on my freshly shampooed carpet. Like she had planned it that way.

And speaking of cats, I have to call the vet for Genie today, she got clawed on her backside and has an abcess that we thought was healing but maybe not. Bandit from next door keeps sneaking into the backyard trying to get into their shed and into their food and I'm pretty sure he's the one that clawed her. We are thinking of ways to conveniently have Bandit disappear. Not only do they have about a dozen of their own cats next door, every stray in the neighborhood knows to come there looking for food and then they come over here if they can't find any.

We put Lucy in the garage Friday night, we had a cold front come in with wind and rain and she was huddled on the front porch all freaked out and won't use her expensive new house that we bought her. See here:

Her expensive new house that came in a box and you put it together yourself, so Keith added insulation to it and put sealant on it and all kinds of other stuff and we might as well just have given her the cardboard box that it came in for all the use it's getting out there. I'm thinking we will bring it in the house for the other cats to play in real soon here.

Anyway, we brought her into the garage and blocked the cat door into the garage where Buddy couldn't peek through the hole, gave her some food and water and a litter box and she spent the night in relative comfort out of the rain and wind. So, we've got it figured out now what to do with her when the weather is bad or we aren't going to be home to feed her.

Like on Thanksgiving when we will drive down to Camarillo to have dinner at Katie's house. She is hosting her first Thanksgiving in her little (and I mean LITTLE) house and I'm really wondering where everyone is going to sit but maybe it will be nice enough to sit outside on lawn chairs or something. Did I mention that her house is LITTLE? Smaller or about the same size as ours and I know we wouldn't have room for a bunch of people.

Oh, and you know how people like to take those fall foilage drives to look at the turning leaves and all? I didn't have to go for a drive to see turning leaves, I noticed while in the Winco parking lot that all of their trees are turning and really look pretty, so if you just kind of tune out the asphalt and all of the other cars and the shopping carts you could pretend that you are on a scenic fall foilage drive.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Wow, is that thing really for cats or for kids? it's awesome!