Monday, November 28, 2011

What We Did Last Weekend

Remember when you were a kid in grade school and you always had to write about what you did for your summer vacation? And you really didn't do anything all that exciting to write about? Well, that's kind of like our holiday weekend.

We did drive down to Katie's for dinner, leaving here about 12:30 and me driving while Keith napped the whole way. We had planned on leaving a little bit earlier but he went to the store at about 10am to get stuff for breakfast and took FOREVER so breakfast was late and then he was being lazy and I had to yell at him to go clean the windows on the car so we could see where we were going, so we got a late start and got to Katie's after the designated dinner time of 3pm. Her house was very very crowded and it's very very small so it was kind of like standing room only. Instead of actually cooking, she got one of those pre-made frozen turkey dinners from Vons and a pre-cooked ham so all she had to do was heat everything up. She rented folding tables and chairs so at least everyone could squeeze in around them to sit and eat.

Then after dinner, the long drive home. The long boring drive home. The road from Bakersfield to the mountain pass and vice versa is very straight and very very boring because there is nothing but flat farmland to see in the daytime and nothing at all at night and it's really kind of hypnotizing and I'm really surprised that more people don't fall asleep on that road and there aren't more sleeping people type crashes.

Then we decided to do our small business shopping on Friday instead of Saturday so we went downtown and hit a few antique stores. Well, we did go to one big business, Barnes and Noble to get some cookbooks to send to James for Christmas. He is very interested in cooking and wants to go to culinary school if he can ever afford it so we thought some cookbooks would make a good gift. We were thinking about sending him a gift card for Starbucks and then realized that the very small town that he lives in probably doesn't have a Starbucks, so...later we did find out that no, they don't have a Starbucks anywhere near them but they do have a Walmart. I think every small town in the South has a Walmart nearby.

I wanted to stop for lunch before shopping but Keith wasn't hungry yet so I got some tea and a cookie at the bookstore to hold me off until lunch. I did find a pink plastic bread box at one antique store so that is what we bought for our small business purchase. I almost decided against it because it was such a frivolous purchase, but after getting it home and re-arranging the kitchen counters around I'm really glad I bought it. It's very cute.

I didn't realize that young people don't know what a breadbox is until after the girl behind me in line was asking what it was and what it was used for.  I do have to admit that we were discussing what to use it for, should we hide our counter junk in it, and then we kind of went DUH, we could keep BREAD in it.

It also came with a bonus sugar bowl and creamer.

Keith found some train track that still had the original price tags from Woolco on them so when we got home he got out his trains and messed around with those for the rest of the day.

Saturday was more shopping but for cat food and all the household stuff we needed. We went to Target and you would have never known that Black Friday ever happened it was so quiet and calm in there. Yesterday I did the grocery part of the shopping. So we should be done shopping for at least a few days. Keith wasn't feeling well and slept in late and then napped on the couch.

I decided to bring the cat house that Lucy wouldn't use inside where maybe the indoor cats would use it and it wouldn't get ruined outside in the weather because after we bought it we realized by the instructions on the box that it came in that it really wasn't intended for outdoor use. As soon as we put it in the corner of the bedroom every cat came to inspect and we had both Mimi and Harri standing inside of it. It's getting a lot more use now, with Pepper inside it most of the time and Harri actually sitting inside it the other day.

Mimi was enjoying the deck.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Great find with the bread box, and I love that it kinda matches your tea/coffee canisters too... yay! And I know I already said it, but that cat house is SO cute!!