Saturday, October 22, 2011

Well We Are Still Here

Weren't some of us (not us heathens here) supposed to get raptured yesterday? Maybe God decided the hell with it cause nobody on this earth deserves it. Or we were left behind and just haven't figured it out yet.


This morning I went over to Winco to do some food shopping and I was walking through the meat department looking at the beef and I've pretty much decided that I don't really like beef anymore because bloody fatty slabs of meat is kind of disgusting. And the last time we cooked steak it really had no flavor at all. Now chicken isn't so bad, it's not red and BLOODY and it comes from a dumb looking bird instead of a cute happy cow, so...I didn't buy any beef today. My stomach was feeling a little queasy from looking at bloody meat and as I start to walk away what is in front of me but a man bending over his shopping cart with his big hairy ass crack right in my face. Ugh. Vomit.

I have new tires on my bike now. We got the tires at Walmart and needed inner tubes to go inside and the only kind they had in the right size were some fancy new never leak ultra never go flat kind of inner tubes but when we get home realize that the cashier put the tires in one bag and the inner tubes in another and we only grabbed one bag and so of course have to go back to Walmart to get the forgotten bag. Then we find out that the new inner tubes have some fancy new valve on them that of course you need a special tool to make them adaptable to an air compressor. Or you can buy a special hand pump to fit. So another trip to the store to buy an adapter tool which they didn't have at Walmart but did at Dick's (the new sporting goods store that we all love the name of) but there are no clear instructions as to how to use all this, it just tells you to ask your professional bike guy at the bike shop. So Keith makes a trip to the bike shop (where we probably should have gone for the tires in the first place) to get instructions and finally, finally, new tires on my bike. It would probably just have been easier to buy a whole new bike.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

yay for new tires! but I am giggling about how you got them. ;)