Friday, October 21, 2011


A week or so ago Keith noticed that my bike seat was getting all raggedy and the cover was starting to shred and he also noticed that the tires were looking a little raggedy and starting to shred and maybe we should think about getting some new tires for it and maybe even a new seat. The tires are, after all, the original tires that came on the bike, a bike I've had for I don't even know how many years but longer than I've even known Keith.

But, tires cost money so we'll just wait for a while and I won't ride anywhere but just over to Walmart or Target so it should be okay. So this week I'm riding on short errands and thinking I must be more out of shape than I thought because this bike is really getting hard to ride and I'm doing a lot more huffing and puffing than usual and I'm worn out just from a half mile ride to Target. And then yesterday it was even worse and by the time I got to Target I thought  maybe I should check the tires and guess what it's just about FLAT and no wonder it's been so hard to ride this bike lately.

So, we go to Walmart to get new bike tires and I'm a novice when it comes to buying bike tires and didn't know they came in a box not just stacked up or on a rack like car tires and you also have to buy the inner tube and it's not cheap and maybe I should have just bought a whole new bike since the tires cost almost $60.00 by the time you buy the inner tubes too. And then Keith picked out some fancy never get a flat tire inner tubes but the valve stem is like no other valve stem we've ever seen and he's trying to figure out these teeny tiny valve stems and it's 9pm and he really needs to go to bed and just put all the bike tire stuff into the garage and wait until tomorrow to mess with weird inner tubes and new bike tires and if I need to go anywhere tomorrow I'll just wait until you get home with the car.

So, no bike today and some expensive bike tires sitting in the garage. I'm excited though since it will probably be a whole lot easier to ride the bike now.

When we went up to Lebec last Saturday we stopped at the big huge fancy rest/truck stop that is out near Grapevine before you start up the mountains on the interstate. They have every kind of fast food restaurant you could ever want, including a new Chipotle that wasn't there last time we drove through there, and also a Starbucks, a motel, and about 5 gas stations. They also have the trucker travel place with the Iron Skillet restaurant and a gift shop, barber shop, Baskin Robbins, and showers and a trucker lounge all inside the same building. And the place is nice, with a main hallway with plants and nice lighting and clean restrooms and park benches to sit and eat your Baskin Robbins on. I got to thinking that you could just live at the rest/truck stop/travel plaza if you wanted, they have absolutely everything you could ever need right there, along with park-like green areas around all the parking lots and a nice view of the nearby mountains. I'm sure with all of those fast food places and gas stations that somebody is hiring if you need a job and you could just get a motor home or van to live in and use the trucker showers to wash up in. And get your hair cut at the barber shop.

Lucy had a tussle with a preying mantis the other day. I thought she was looking at a leaf on the ground but then the leaf saw her and opened its wings and reared up on its hind legs and was waving its front legs and trying to scare Lucy away with its fierceness. Lucy did actually jump back when this bug started getting tough. It finally escaped her by crawling up the gate until she couldn't reach it but if it has wings shouldn't it have been able to fly away?

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