Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Up in the Mountains

So anyway, our neighbors that moved to Lebec up in the mountains invited us up for a barbecue on Saturday. We thought it was a lunch barbecue since Nathan said to come up around noon. It was a good thing that we brought some chips along because we didn't eat until dinnertime. Next time we will eat lunch before we go.

They live up a winding narrow road in a canyon where first you see some pretty nice houses on lots of land but then you get into a trailer park, but not your usual trailer park with a clubhouse and swimming pool and landscaping, but basically a bunch of mobile homes on large lots with lots and lots and lots of junk around them. What is it with people who live in the mountains and junk? One of the trailers that we passed must have had about 20 trucks parked around it and I don't think they were having a party. They just have lots of trucks.

The trailer that they live in is kind of depressing, just a single wide and rather cramped and the yard is on the side of a hill so once you get off the front porch it's all uphill. They do see lots of wildlife, squirrels in the trees and the occasional bear walking down the road and a whole lot of mule deer. Two of which we saw yards from the house on the side of the hill. It was nice to visit and get out of town for the afternoon but also a little boring since the other guests who were supposed to come, Nathan's brother and mother, never did show up.

So we sat around on the porch and then finally ate and then wanted to get back home before it got too late. We drove a ways up the canyon where the narrow road turns from pavement to gravel to just dirt and saw some real houses, but also lots of junk around them, and then the lord of the manor who lives in a huge, and I mean HUGE spanish hacienda, complete with a guest house, barn, and a big metal Mexican with a serape statue by the front gate. Hmmm...not so politically correct there I don't think. As we drove by this house I see what I think are big concrete deer statues in the yard but then the deer moved. They were having a great time eating the trees.

So, that was our exciting barbecue day, visiting the big city of Lebec, where you can go to church, the post office, the dentist, a corner market, and an antique store. To buy any real groceries they have to drive into Bakersfield, Lancaster, or Valencia. So you'd better bring that list and not forget anything when you go.

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