Monday, October 17, 2011

Vigilante Justice

I feel like the sheriff in the old westerns sitting in front of the jail with my rifle loaded.

Here's the back story. We went up to Nathan's house in Lebec on Saturday for a barbecue, more on that tomorrow, and we didn't get home until after dark and I was sure Lucy would be frantically waiting by the front door for her dinner because we can't leave food out for her because all of the neighborhood cats come and eat it.

But, no Lucy. I called for her and rattled her food dish and no Lucy. Very odd. She finally showed up and was acting all weird and scared and looking over her shoulder. She ate a little bit and then went up into her tree. Now, our neighbors have a cat that looks just like Lucy, a cat that was being kept in the house for a long time because she was attacking all the other cats, kind of like our Lucy and the reason she is now an outdoor cat. Well, they let Lucy Look-Alike back outside recently and I have this feeling that the two of them got into it in our front yard while we were gone.

So. I've been wanting to get a super soaker squirt gun to keep the other cats away from her food and it sounded like now was a good time to get tough with these cats and I went shopping for a squirt gun. Which nobody has right now because it's considered a summer toy and only sold in the summer around here.

What to do? How about a nerf gun?

 With extra ammo!

We sat on the porch last night while Lucy ate and managed to shoot Lucy Look-Alice in the ass not once but twice and then Keith got to shoot little black cat right in the head as he was trying to eat Lucy's food. Cruel? Nah, these are soft nerf darts and no cats were actually harmed.

Buddy thought the darts were a pretty fun cat toy, too.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Amen sister! I love the super soaker idea too, but the nerf gun seems to do the job just fine, yay! :)