Monday, October 31, 2011

Told You So

Lately Keith has been letting Buddy and Mimi go outside and wander around while he is working in the garage or out in the yard on the weekends. Buddy has always hated it when Keith would shut the kitty door into the garage and then open up the big garage door and be out there while Buddy was stuck inside. The wood door that goes into slots on the side of the kitty door to keep them from being able to go through it has a 2" circle cutout in it so we have a fingerhold to pull it back up out of the slot and Buddy will go back and forth to the door and look out through the cutout and whine and in general be a cranky pain in the ass. So, Keith started letting him come out. And then letting Mimi come out, too, by not even putting the wood door into the slots. None of the other cats seemed to want to go out there, just Buddy and Mimi and they were having a great time exploring both the front and the back yards.

I kept telling Keith that it wasn't a good idea, they will want to go outside all the time and going outside means fleas and other critters. Like WORMS. Like THE WORM that Keith saw coming out of Mimi's bottom the other day. THE WORM that totally grossed both of us out and made me say  I TOLD YOU SO!

We went to find worm meds this weekend and first started at the pet feed store where they sell everything for every kind of animal and sometimes animals, too, like the few half grown leftover chicks that were peeping away in the baby chick warming room. We got some paste type wormer that you are supposed to put on their food, and then after we started for home realized that the paste was only enough for two of the cats to get a dose and we really should de-worm all of them, so stopped at Petco to see what they had in the way of worm meds. We get some liquid meds at Petco, liquid that you are also supposed to put on their food and is supposed to taste really yummy according to the label.

Well. We put liquid de-wormer on everybody's food and every single one of the cats sniffed the food and walked away. So much for yummy.

We ended up injecting the de-wormer directly into Buddy and Mimi's mouths via the syringe that it comes in, so hopefully the two that have been going outside will be de-wormed and we'll get some more paste to de-worm all the rest of the cats just in case.

No, Keith will not be letting Buddy and Mimi outside anymore and Buddy was definitely not happy about that turn of events this weekend and he was quite annoyed and went around the house yowling and in general being a cranky butt all weekend. And staring out of the hole in the kitty door.


Heather on Meerkat said...

We use that once a month stuff on the dog. She also doesn't eat weird stuff or crap. Luckily she understands the words "LEAVE IT".

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Sometimes you have to treat them more than once too, so don't be surprised if that happens... but it sounds like you might have caught it early though. ;)

Posey is an indoor cat and we let her in the garage or on the porch when we are out there now and then, but I like to spook her back in the house {haha} before she gets too curious, so she stays afraid! LOL! :)