Friday, October 28, 2011

Another DUH Moment

I do seem to have a lot of them lately. I walk into the kitchen and can't remember why. What am I doing here? Was I going to get something? Make some tea? Cook some dinner? Feed the cats? I DON'T KNOW!

So, I go back into the bedroom and get on the computer and look at puppies instead of working on my shop or filling an order and then I remember what it was I went into the kitchen for. And hope I still remember by the time I get back to the kitchen. Which isn't that far away. Like ten steps.

Anyway, if I had know years ago how much easier it is to ride your bike with street tires instead of mountain bike tires on it I would have gotten new tires like ten years ago. Back when I bought my bike which was probably fifteen years ago, or maybe even twenty, mountain bikes were the in thing and everybody wanted a mountain bike despite the fact that we never rode in the mountains. But they were cool and we LOOKED like we were mountain bike riders. Like when I was in high school you had to have a ten speed racing type bike with those weird handle bars that were all curved so you could pretend that you would be riding in the Tour De France if only you had time. We also wore bell bottoms back then and if you didn't have your bike clip with you to clip around your huge gigantic bell bottom pants leg then you were in big trouble because your pant leg would catch in your bike chain and rip up your pants not to mention throw you off of your bike. And then your mom would be really mad at you for ripping up your fashionable and expensive bell bottoms.

Now, you would think that wearing a bike clip around one leg of your pants while the other bell bottom is flapping in the breeze would make you look like a dork, but the exact opposite was true. Your pant leg in a bike clip meant that you were cool and saving the earth and all by riding your ten speed. You also had to have a visor, not a ball cap, to shield your eyes and a canvas bike shop bag that you wore like a backpack to put your stuff in. See, this saving the earth and being green thing is nothing new kids, we started it back in the early seventies when we invented Earth Day and vowed to ride our bikes and Stop at Two. What is Stop at Two? We were only supposed to have two children so that we could achieve zero population growth. Which hasn't worked and everybody forgot all about it. Seeing as how there soon will be 7 billion people on the earth or whatever that number is that they've been talking about. I wonder if the 7 billionth baby will get a prize?

But, I digress. About the bike tires. The bike tires that Keith finally figured out how the damn new valve works and they are staying full of air, they make your bike riding ALMOST EFFORTLESS. It's AMAZING the difference they make. And this is my DUH moment for the day if not the year. Mountain bike tires are for riding on mountains, street tires are for riding on streets.

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