Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vegetable Peelers and Credit Cards

Well, the economy must be improving or the banks are getting desperate because in yesterday's mail we got not one, not two, but four separate credit card offers. Either that or everyone filed for bankruptcy and aren't paying off their debts and they need some fresh blood.

Our trash can outside usually stinks so bad by trash day that it almost makes you physically ill when you open the lid to put more trash in, so I had another DUH moment and though maybe it would help to bag all stinky trash like vegetable peelings and chicken parts into sealed plastic bags which then go into the kitchen trash can which then goes into the big stinky trash can outside, and it does work, haven't almost vomited upon opening up the trash can lid yet this week. But I think I accidentally wrapped up my vegetable peeler with the stinky trash because I couldn't find it anywhere to peel some carrots for dinner. How do you lose a vegetable peeler? It's not like you would take it into another room of the house with you although I did check. Anyway, I had to go buy a new vegetable peeler, so went to Walmart where there were two vegetable peelers to choose from. I should have gone to Target where they have a better kitchen gadget section but it's too late now, and I was already in Walmart. So, do I get the 88c vegetable peeler which will probably irritate the hell out of me every time I use it because it's a cheap piece of crap from China or do I buy the $4.98 Faberware vegetable peeler with the never needs sharpening ceramic blade, probably also made in China, but probably much better than the 88c one.

And what do you know, the ceramic never needs sharpening $4.98 vegetable peeler is the most wonderful vegetable peeler I've ever used! It peels like slicing through warm butter and in big slices so you are done with your carrot in mere seconds. It's awesome! I peeled my carrots and then looked around for something else to peel because it was so awesome!

So, even if you already have a vegetable peeler and haven't accidentally thrown it in the trash like I did, go out and get yourself a Faberware ceramic blade vegetable peeler. Maybe we'll eat more vegetables now since it's so much fun to peel them.

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