Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rain and a Rainbow

The promised storm did indeed arrive yesterday. Enough rain to where Keith decided to knock off work early because he was tired of being wet and of course as soon as he rolls all his equipment up and tells the boss he's leaving it stopped raining. But he left anyway and was home by lunchtime.

When it started raining Lucy was up in her tree kind of freaked out. Keith had made an emergency shelter for her out of one of our old plastic tote bins, cutting a hole in the side for her to come and go and putting a little blanket in it for her to lay on. I had to get the bag of treats and shake it to get Lucy out of the tree and then put some treats inside the box so she would go inside, but she ate the treats and then immediately went back out of the box. She disappeared for a few hours and I was hoping she was smart enough to go into the back yard next door where there is a covered patio and lawn furniture.

The rain slowed down and the sun came out for a while along with a rainbow. Lucy got back up in the tree on her perch but it was all wet and she was sitting there kind of like what the hell? so Keith got a carpet scrap to put on her perch and then she was all hey, way cool! Then the second band of the storm came through with winds and pouring down rain for a few minutes. Lucy had disappeared again and now the carpet scrap on her perch was soaked. She wasn't next door, she had found the one spot on the roof where there is an eave that hangs over just enough for a few inches of dry space and was huddled up there under the eave.

It's supposed to maybe rain some more this morning and then everything will go back to normal for next week at least.

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