Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fat Pepper and Rain's a Coming

Not only do I have to wash Pepper's bottom because she is too fat to wash it herself, I've also discovered that her rotund body is causing cat dandruff. She has always had a lot of flakiness along her back and by her tail and I have always wondered about it but not wondered enough to really do anything. Well, yesterday I was petting her and was kind of getting grossed out by all the flakiness and wondering why her fur gets matted along her back and we have to eventually cut the mats out so I did what any person these days does and googled it.

And apparently cat dandruff is caused by:
1/ a cat that is old and overweight and too fat to wash herself properly.
2/ a lack of humidity in the air.
3/ not enough water in little fatty's diet.

In our case, it's a combination of all three, Pepper is rather overweight, we do live in the DESERT! and dry skin is definitely an issue around here for both humans and cats alike, and I don't see her drinking much water at all.

What to do? They say you can give butterball a bath. HA HA HA! And you can get a humidifier or put bowls of water around the house. And you can give them less dry food and more wet food. Pepper quite obviously gets plenty of food and she gets 1/4 can of wet food twice a day. I don't really want bowls of water laying around the house nor do I want to spend money on a humidifier. And I'm certainly NOT going to give her a bath. We'll just have to put up with flaky skin I think.

I found some photos from back in Pepper's kitten days when she was actually quite svelte.

And now let's talk about the weather. Fall is finally here, after that last week of September and running the air conditioner all day, it's supposed to get downright chilly this week and we are promised a 100% chance of rain tomorrow. When they say 100% chance, you do tend to take them somewhat seriously. It did rain sometime during the night, the front porch is a little wet this morning and today we have like a 30% chance of more rain. But, tomorrow- 100%! And temps down in the 60's. And maybe even SNOW up in the mountains.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Posey is a black cat so you can see the dandruff in her fur... I've started mixing olive oil into the bag of food every now and then and it seems to do the trick. My mom says she mixes fish oil into her cat's food and that works too, but it's expensive and I don't want that fishy smell all over everything, so I tried olive oil, and it helps. ;)

p.s. yay for rain! I mean, I know I'm not in hot southern California up here, but I do tend to think that if things are cooling off here, maybe they are down there too... so yay. :)