Friday, October 7, 2011

Another Week Gone By?

Time flies when you are having fun, right?

What did we do this week? We went to Walmart one day to pick up a few things, things that they don't have at Target where I'd much rather shop because while Walmart is loud and messy and always looks kind of dirty, our Target is clean and quiet and you aren't afraid to buy the food and it's clean and there are hardly ever any lines, and it's just much more pleasant to go to Target when you need cat food.

Anyway, while in Walmart we saw the typical hillbilly Walmart customers in the food aisle, he had a long beard and scraggly hair and was rather chubby and while she didn't have the beard, she was also rather scraggly and chubby and was wearing bib overalls. And in their cart were not one but TWO cases of Mountain Dew. Perfect!

I decided to give the kitchen a good cleaning yesterday, where you wash all the knickknacks and scrub the counters and clean the cabinet fronts and the top of the refrigerator. I thought I would turn on the Today show and catch Hoda and Kathy Lee for some company while cleaning, not having watched them in months. How disappointing to turn it on and find out that one of the Kardashians was co-hosting. I don't know which one because I don't care and don't like the Kardashians although they certainly know how to make a buck off of their 'celebrity' status. I just don't get why people become famous because they are stupid twits, but I guess that's the way the world is today. Needless to say, I did not watch the show.

Speaking of cleaning, I try really hard to stay on some kind of schedule, but when you are the type of person who never looks up while cleaning, thereby never seeing all the cobwebs in the corners, things get overlooked. Kind of like having cleaning blinders on. So, I need to make some kind of list where it tells me exactly what to do and to look in the corners and up at the ceiling every once in a while. Like, on Monday clean the bathroom and LOOK UP! And while you are at it, look at the walls every so often, because they get dirty, too. Like the splatter of something that we saw on the wall by the dinner table the other day. I know we are sometimes messy eaters, but how we splashed stuff onto the wall I don't know.

I rode over to the Goodwill yesterday to look for some cheap pants and maybe some cheap shirts because I am running out of clothes here and have thrown away all the sweat stained summer tees and it will be getting cold soon and maybe some long pants would be a good idea. I did find two pairs of pants but nothing else. Every time I go into the Goodwill I get a little grossed out at all the nasty clothes that people actually think someone else would ever want to wear, the odds and ends of just plain old garbage that people give to the Goodwill instead of just tossing in the trash, and the general over consumption that we Americans like to indulge in. Why do we buy so much junk that we have to clean it all out a few times a year and what we don't sell at yard sales we give to the Goodwill?

And that is about all we did this week, just too much fun!

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