Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Odds and Ends

So how cool would that be to find a giant lego man washed up on the beach anyway? Like they did in Florida if you haven't seen that story yet.

I'd be taking him home and standing him up right in front of my house.

We have three local news stations here with the usual kind of odd news people who aren't quite good looking enough for bigger cities. They have a new anchor on the 17 news that I just can't watch. She talks very seriously and kind of out of the side of her mouth, but what really distracts me is the giant mole on the side of her face. I guess that is mean of me but I wonder why she hasn't had it removed because trying to watch her is like watching that commercial where the stain on the guy's shirt is talking. All I can think about when she is talking is the giant mole. Don't look at the mole! 

You can't really see it in this picture, she has it hidden with her hair, but believe me IT"S THERE!

So we watch a different channel where I can concentrate on what they are saying. Instead of concentrating on facial moles.

When fall finally comes around here it's kind of like someone turned the lights off, one day we are running the a/c and the next day the temps drop by 10 degrees and it's time to bring out the sweaters. Yesterday it got downright chilly there. So now we will be complaining about how cold we are instead of how hot we are.

Somebody, and I have a feeling that it was Harri, left me a lovely hair ball present in the front room yesterday morning. And then did it again today.

And speaking of cats, Dusty and Genie have figured it out that when the lights come on in the kitchen in the morning and the back sliding door's blinds get opened that it's BREAKFAST TIME! They sit and stare into the living room until I finally fill up their bowls with their canned food and bring it out to them. Mimi has taken to rushing the door and running out into the back yard whenever we go outside that way, so I have to balance two food bowls, open the door, and push her out of the way with my foot all at the same time. Then a reverse of that when I come back in, minus the food bowls.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

There's been frost outside our house these last few mornings, and I am NOT ready for it yet! :)