Saturday, October 1, 2011


Well, as you may have seen I tried out one of the new formats for this blog and while I like it, I also thought it was a little confusing having to click on the post title to read the whole post without it saying something like 'click here to read the whole post' so for now I'm going back to the old easy read blog style. Plus the new style didn't allow for any extra stuff in the sidebar and I'm still hoping that someone somewhere will stumble across this blog and see the wonderful stuff for sale in the sidebar and actually buy something.

Septembers sales were okay but a little disappointing after August being a top selling month for me. I did sell about $100 more in the Mimi and Lucy shop in September than August, with almost daily sales coming this last week, and remember my prices are wholesale type prices so $100 is actually quite a lot of goods sold, but the supply shop went down quite a bit from last month. And I've been doing way too much supply buying to make stuff for what I'm hoping will be a busy holiday season so I spent more than I made last month. Yikes.

Speaking of spending more than you make, even with keeping track of how much we spend on food and other necessities we still spend A LOT of money for just two people eating. If we didn't have this darn low carb thing we are supposed to be doing we could probably save a bunch of money on food since mac and cheese and ramen noodles are really cheap, but we can't eat that kind of stuff, so... good meats and vegetables and all are kind of expensive! And getting really boring.

And despite what the calendar says, last week was ridiculously hot for the last week of September and I'm tired of being hot and I'm really hoping that summer is over with, hello, it's October now!

Not much else is happening around here other than the usual fun and games. Today is going to be shampoo the carpet day, I marked the calendar with big chores like that so they would get done on a regular basis, and the timing is right since Harri threw up all over the hallway last night. Keith is going to take the car over for our free oil change, when we took it in for all the work we had done in the spring, we bought an oil change special buy one get three more free and it's time for an oil change, so...I think car dealerships sell these specials hoping you will forget about them or be too lazy to bring your car back in, kind of like those gym memberships that people buy and then don't come back after the first few visits. Smart marketing.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

September was slow for me too, but I hadn't added much new either... Hope things have cooled off down there, overcast and cozy here today. ♥