Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Corn Nuts Save

Is it Corn Nuts or Cornnuts? I never eat them so I don't pay much attention to the name, but Keith eats them (and sunflower seeds) quite a bit and it's probably a good thing he eats them because we would have never found that missing ten dollar bill otherwise.

There were cornnuts (or corn nuts?) all over his seat in the car because he is such a messy eater I guess and so he was brushing off the seat and getting down into the crack where the seat and the back of the seat meet to dig out corn nuts (think I'll go with that spelling, it does look more proper somehow) and what do you know, but there is his (my) ten dollar bill wedged in there along with the corn nuts. He had stuffed the money in the same pocket as his wallet and when he took his wallet out of his pocket while in the drive through at the japanese food place the bill got shoved into the crack of the seat.

Why don't I eat corn nuts? First off because I'm afraid I'm going to crack a tooth on one and second off because they really smell. They remind me of the junior high school locker room gym towels, the locker room gym towels that were about as big as a hand towel and as rough as sandpaper and always smelled like fritos and/or corn nuts when they got wet. Not a pleasant memory, those locker room gym towels. Here are a bunch of 12 year old girls, some of whom have 'matured' as we used to say so delicately, some of whom are still rather flat chested, some of whom are chubby (like I was) and some of whom are skinny and gawky and every single one of them extremely embarrassed about having to undress in front of so many other people and then go take a shower with all those other people. And then have to show your wet back to the gym monitor so that she could tell that you actually took a shower. Which we really didn't, we would just dash under the water as quickly as possible, just long enough to get our backs wet, averting our eyes from any other naked girl, and then get our backs checked, still averting our eyes from any other naked girls.

Anyway, that's what corn nuts smell like to me. Locker room showers. And don't get me started on those horrible bloomer gym outfits we had to wear.

Joe sent me some awesomely awesome photographs of the lightning we had. I'm not calling these pictures, because these are 'photographs!' Very fine photographs, and Joe, if you keep at it you may have a second career going on here.

Way cool, huh?

He has been doing a lot of train photography lately, and at first I wasn't sure what I was seeing here, but it is one of those train cars going by with the slats in the sides that you can see through with the lightning showing through. Amazing!

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