Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rain and Cats in Boxes

Friday afternoon we were watching the news and the weather people warned us about flash floods and lighting on its way. We could see dark clouds coming towards us and then the weather people were talking about rain hitting the tin roof at the TV station and we could see bands of rain over the other side of town. Well, there were no flash floods and it only rained a little bit for a few minutes but we did see a rainbow and there was lots of lightning later on in the evening. And some more fires started by the lightning. It's so unusual to have lightning around here and twice in just a couple of weeks is even more unusual. So is rain in September.

Well, we saw part of a rainbow anyway.

This picture looks much more dramatic.

Ooh, scary clouds!

I had one of my little plastic basket box things sitting on the file cabinet, the top of which is a catch all for my books and things waiting to be listed on Etsy, and recipes printed off of the computer, most of which I'll never make. Mimi loves little plastic basket box things and she also loves paper, so she was in box and paper heaven when she discovered that she could fit the front half of her in the little basket. THE BASKET THAT ALSO HAD PAPER IN IT!!!

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