Monday, September 26, 2011

The Mystery of the Ten Dollar Bill and Pan Am

Saturday night I was feeling extra lazy and my stomach was a little icky and I really didn't feel like cooking another uninspiring dinner despite the pork chops that I had thawed out. I was going to fix omelettes for dinner but Keith didn't want an omelette and he said he would fix himself something later. So, I had some yogurt and low carb crackers and cheese spread (laughing cow, 35 calories and creamy deliciousness). Then later he starts to get hungry and decides he wants to go get some Japanese food from the sushi/Japanese food drive through up the road. If I liked sushi/Japanese food, this drive through is the place to get it, it's locally owned and everything is cooked to order, which means sitting there for about 10 minutes in your car in the drive through. There is only one way to get food from this place, the drive through, no dining room and no walk up window.

Anyway, he only has like $2.00 in his wallet and I have some cash that I was saving for something other than his Japanese food but oh, well, so I give him one of my $10.00 bills and off he goes to get his food. And then he comes back about 10 minutes later because he got all the way up to the drive through and couldn't find the $10.00 bill. We searched the house and he turned out his pockets and double checked his wallet and looked in the car and on the driveway and the $10.00 bill was nowhere to be found. So, I gave him my other $10.00 bill (that I was saving for something other than his food) and off he went again.

We still have not found the $10.00 bill and it's very annoying. It's not like we've never thrown away a $10.00 bill before, we certainly waste that much money on a frequent basis, but to have it just absolutely disappear is truly irritating.

So, who watched the new Pan Am show last night? I did and I am going to really enjoy this show. I'm a big fan of Mad Men even if I don't have cable and have to wait for it to come out on DVD to be able to watch it, and Pan Am will satisfy that need to watch a different era and marvel at all the props from the 60's and the fashions and the glamour. Flying did used to be glamourous, you dressed up in your best clothes and you were on your best behaviour and you put your hat and gloves on. You were served meals on real china and with real silverware, no trying to cut your meat with a spork, cocktails flowed for the adults and the children were given little wing pins and maybe even got to MEET THE PILOT! And you wanted to be a stewardess when you grew up, because they all looked so pretty and what a wonderful job that would be!

Anyway, I liked it a lot, of all the new shows that I watched this week I think Pan Am will be my favorite. Yes, we are boring and old and watch TV in the evenings. Sometimes it's the most exciting part of our day.


Jennifer said...

I recorded pan am and am going to watch it tonight.

DancingMooney ♥ said...

They say train rides used to be the same way, put on your best dress and go ride the train... how things have changed... haven't seen Pan Am though, will have to try and find it on demand.