Friday, September 23, 2011

From the Past and The First Day of Autumn?

Supposedly, according to the calendar anyway, it is the first day of Autumn today. Really? It's supposed to get up to 101 today. How about that global warming, isn't it fun?

Along with our high temps today we are supposed to have air quality that is 'unhealthy for everyone'. Nice. Poor Arvin, that cute little town down in the bottom of the valley nestled up against the mountains has like the worst air quality IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY because all the crap flows down to them and then gets stuck there. Not only do they have like 45% unemployment in that town, they can't breathe.

Anyway. It is supposed to cool off by Sunday, finally. This summer has been mild for these parts but I'm just about done being hot.

And now for a replay of a Festival o Felines post from July 1, 2008. And, ew, these pictures show the yard sale couch that we had for a while.

Mimi loves to play. With trash. She likes to find little pieces of trash or balled up paper either from the trash can or out in the wilds of the garage and she will entertain herself for hours with trash.
Today she found a bar code.

She carried that bar code around, hiding it in the couch cushions and dropping it on the floor to chase.

Oops, watch out, someone else wants to play with my bar code!

And here comes nosy Buddy who always has to get in on the action!

What have you got there? I want to play too!

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

It's been hot late in the year here too, but I'm counting on some really pleasant fall weather though, so let's just hang in there a bit. ;)