Friday, September 2, 2011

New Glasses and Stupid People and Stuff

Yesterday I did a bunch of errands on the bike, first up to Save Mart for one batch of groceries. Keith wanted spaghetti and meatballs and antipasto salad and garlic bread for dinner, so I got what would fit in my bike basket from there, then went to Foods Co for some low carb yogurt and the other groceries that I didn't get on the first trip. While riding to Foods Co I noticed that the little carousel kiddie ride out front costs 50c now, and when did the price on kiddie rides double anyway? Foods Co was a huge mistake. I forgot that it was the first of the month, meaning that everyone who gets food stamps or welfare got their money and were all filling up their carts with 'healthy' crap from Foods Co and all standing in line at once. With only three cashiers open. I had already filled up my little hand basket and really didn't want to have to go to another store, another store that doesn't sell low carb yogurt, so prepared myself for a long wait in line. I put the ice cream that was in my basket back in the freezer because I figured it would melt by the time I got up to the cash register. Seriously, Foods Co people, you know that the first of the month comes every month, right? And that the majority of your clientele are on welfare or food stamps or both or whatever, right? So WHY DON'T YOU HAVE MORE CASHIERS WORKING ON THE FIRST OF THE MONTH?

Anyway, I finally paid (with real money) for my little basket of groceries and left the hellhole that is Foods Co. Keith got his spaghetti and meatball and salad and garlic bread dinner, although I forgot the garlic bread that was sitting wrapped up in foil on the stove and he only found it because he was wondering what was sitting wrapped up in foil on the stove and opened it up after we were all finished eating. I had meatballs sans spaghetti, and you know what, it's just not quite the same.

Target called and told me that my glasses were ready, so after dinner we went to pick them up and they are AWESOME! I guess transitional lenses either darken over time or are never completely clear, because when I put on my new glasses everything was so much brighter and clearer and more colorful. Even the cat food that I was pouring into cat bowls last night was more colorful. Where I really notice is on the computer, it's almost neon now. The sunglasses are great, too, they have the polarized lenses that cut the glare so much better than regular sunglasses but if you are inside you can still see what you are doing, like when I wore them out of Target last night.

So, very expensive glasses, but very nice to be able to see what I'm doing now.

What else? Oh, yes, speaking of seeing things, this is from Regretsy.

They are trying to sell the bracelet but you'd think they would have rethought this picture. At least the dogs aren't pooping, though.

Oh, and breaking news on Yahoo yesterday. Lindsay Lohan got a new 'meaningful' tattoo. Slow news day I guess because who really gives a rats ass about Lindsay's new tattoo anyway? The only way I'd be interested in her new tattoo is if it said 'I'm With Stupid' with the arrow pointing up at her face.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

ha! how can you not notice two dogs sniffing each others butts in the back ground? Glad you like your new glasses! :)