Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Want Flies With That?

Yesterday at lunchtime I was really really hungry and really really didn't want another turkey burger patty with cottage cheese on the side (blecchhh) and since it was my birthday and all decided to ride over to Walmart and have lunch at the McDonalds there. Because I was too hungry and too lazy and it was too hot to ride up to the good McDonalds that you have to go up over a bridge to get to. Uphill. Both ways.

So, I go order my lunch and wait for them to cook some fresh french fries and wait and wait while other people who didn't order fries are getting their lunches ahead of me and is somebody trying to tell me that I shouldn't be eating fries anyway so I can just wait forever for them? While I'm waiting I notice about 25 flies buzzing around despite the weird pest control thing that is hanging on the wall in the entrance to McDonalds.

I finally get my now lukewarm hamburger but very fresh french fries and go to sit down, dodging a few shopping carts because people who shop at Walmart and eat at McDonalds obviously can't read the sign that says please don't bring shopping carts into McDonalds, find a table and sit to enjoy my very bad carb laden cholesterol filled lunch. And the 25 flies that have now evolved into 50 flies follow me to my table. And buzz around the whole time I'm trying to eat, one hand holding my hamburger and one hand waving flies away.

I suppose I shouldn't have expected a fly-free meal, since Walmart and Flies really kind of goes together and when greasy bad for you cholesterol filled food is also involved, well, there you go.

I really thought about going over to the housewares department and grabbing a bunch of fly swatters to set on each table as part of the general McDonalds decor.


Heather on Meerkat said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Thought about you yesterday, but that is as far as I got... never turned on the big computer. xoxo

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! ♥

So sorry about the flies! uck!