Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nacho Cheese Doritos and Taco Bell Tacos

Here is another great reason to move to Bakersfield (or Fresno), besides the wonderful weather and clean air and crime free neighborhoods, now you can go to Taco Bell, but only the Taco Bells here in this wonderful city and that other wonderful city, Fresno, and get a supreme taco where the shell is MADE OUT OF NACHO CHEESE DORITOS!


I'm thinking that the reason they picked Bakersfield and Fresno to debut the new NACHO CHEESE DORITOS taco shells, is that they know that the average Bakersfield (and Fresno) resident is probably really poor and the only thing they can afford to eat is Taco Bell, or really fat and the only thing they eat is Taco Bell, or really lazy and the only thing they eat is Taco Bell, or a combination of all three with a little hillbilly/redneck thrown in there, so what better to make a palate pleasing taco shell out of than NACHO CHEESE DORITOS!

Again, yum!

Let's make our Taco Bell tacos even more appetizing with NACHO CHEESE DORITO shells! I wonder if a Mountain Dew comes with it?

So, everybody, come to Bakersfield (or Fresno) because that's the only place you're going to be able to get a NACHO CHEESE DORITOS supreme taco! Doesn't it look delicious?


DancingMooney ♥ said...

You crack me up Elizabeth... thanks for always speaking your mind! ♥

Loving some of your new pendants by the way! ;)

Jennifer said...

That taco actually sounds pretty good.

Brett said...

Obviously you have never been to Bakersfield or Fresno. I live in Bakersfield and we have the crappiest weather and air, Fresno is a really ghetto city with a lot of gangs, and there are alot of rich people here. For everyone wondering the doritos taco isn't that amazing.

geelizzie said...

Um, Brett, whoever you are- I was being facetious about the lovely weather in Bakersfield- I live here too! And a lot is not one word.