Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just Some Random Stuff and The Not Quite Every Day Daily Cuteness

Yesterday I'm driving up to the post office and see a man in one of those jazzy scooters at the corner pressing the walk button at the crosswalk and then driving his little jazzy into position so he can cross the street. The light changes to green and not one, but two cars turn right in front of him before he can even get his jazzy into the crosswalk. I'm cringing and calling people assholes as I watch this near miss. The drivers in Bakersfield are rude and oblivious to pedestrians, yes, but this one just appalled me. How do you NOT SEE the man in the bright red jazzy scooter poised to cross the street in the crosswalk? Or do you just not care and he can wait even though he has the right of way because you are in a big hurry and you are AN ASSHOLE?

And, if you listen to Kelly 95.3 radio you can enter the contest to get a free Chapter 7 bankruptcy from a local lawyer! Whoo hoo! Just send in your sob story about why you need to file bankruptcy and they will pick the sobbiest I'm guessing. Is that a sign of the times or what?

I made the worst dinner ever the other night. I keep buying those damn little cookbooks that you see at the checkstands when you are in the grocery store in the hopes of some wonderful new and appetizing recipes and decided to try one of the wonderfully new and appetizing recipes because it did sound good. And easy. And was made in the crock pot. It was called Round Steak Italiano, and maybe I shouldn't try any recipes with the word Italiano in it, but you just throw some round steak in the crock pot with some tomato sauce and seasoning and put a couple of potatoes on top of the steak and cook it for like 7 hours. It smelled good as it was cooking, but the sauce was very blah and the steaks were so tough and dry that we couldn't even eat them. So much for Round Steak Italiano night.

Oh, and here is something that was on the Etsy front page the other day. Would you pay $170.00 for this 'fine art' photograph?

No? Me, either.

But I did find a photography shop that I might pay for photos from. Especially this one.

This is the Not Quite Every Day Daily Cuteness for today even though this doesn't really qualify as cute so much as nostalgic.

This photo is from a shop called RoadsidePhotographs and yes, she is from Ventura! Check out her shop for even more retro travel type photos.

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and, no I would not pay $170 for a picture of someone's legs sticking up in the air... I do love the vintage sign photo though. ♥


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