Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lightning Strikes and The Daily Cuteness

We were told that we had a 60% chance of rain late yesterday, but we never believe it until we actually see it. Keith put some pork chops on the barbecue, watching the sky while he cooked, and we could see clouds moving in from over the mountains. We heard thunder and saw a few flashes of lighting from behind the clouds.

We sat down to eat dinner and halfway through he looks out the back door and jumps up from his seat in a panic. It was POURING down rain and he had left all kinds of tools outside and the barbecue was still sitting out there. The rain sounded like hammers on the metal barbecue and our new metal glider. The front porch was flooded. It slowed down to a lighter rain with more thunder and lightning flashes and I'm looking around for Lucy, figuring she must have totally freaked out when the skies started the deluge. I see her up in the tree, not on her little platform, but way up clinging to a branch and she was not about to come down from there.

After dinner we sat in the front yard for nature's light show, watching the lightning start on one side of the sky and move towards the west. We haven't seen lightning here in about 5 years, so it was way better than watching TV.

Lucy finally came down from her tree branch, licking herself and acting like everything was okay now. Dusty had hidden in the shed and Genie was nowhere to be seen. She came out later so she must have found someplace to hide from the downpour.

While we were sitting out front the little black cat from next door came over to visit, jumping from one lap to another and enjoying the attention and petting. He is so amazingly friendly and can't figure out why Dusty hisses at him when all he wants to do is play with the big kitty.

We smelled smoke and heard lots of sirens, and found out later when we watched the news that there were FIFTY fires started by lightning, most of them up in the mountains where it was hard for fire crews to get to and some very dangerous conditions with lightning still striking and flash floods possible. They were talking about five major fires near people's homes so hopefully nobody's house got burned down last night. They said that there were over 2000 lightning strikes per hour during the worst of it.

I cleaned up the outdoor furniture this morning and got the house cleaned up from all the debris and mud that we tracked in but it may rain again later today. More lightning, too?

Okay, time for The Daily Cuteness. I saw this shop on Craftjuice and what first caught my eye were these little knitted kittens.

Are these the cutest things you've ever seen or what? I was thinking that these would make cute cat toys, but then wondered if it might be a little creepy for cats to be chewing on kitty cat cat toys. Kind of like cannibalism.

The shop is called JargOn and she is from the United Kingdom. I really like this little cat purse, too.

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Heather on Meerkat said...

Wow! We heard thunder here about 4 or 5 times, but the cells were offshore a bit, so no lightning close by. We used to love watching it in Mexico... well I take that back. Loved watching it when it was far away from our 65' metal pole sticking out of the top of our home.
Cute cats!! I vote for the cannabalism.