Friday, September 16, 2011

Getting Old and Cleaning House and The Daily Cuteness

You know you are getting old when you sneeze and have to run to the bathroom because the sneeze is making you wet your pants. And you know you are getting old when you sit down on the floor to pet the cat and you can't get back up again without crawling over to the couch and using it to help haul yourself up. And you know you are getting old when you get ready to go out for dinner at 4:45 pm because you want to beat the crowds.

Which is what we did last night. Once again and despite the fact that we really shouldn't have spent the money but there was still nothing much in the fridge or freezer for dinner, we went over to Spencers to eat last night and we made sure we left before 5pm so we wouldn't have to wait for a table. We almost mowed down a woman with a walker trying to get in the door before her.

We haven't been to Spencers for a while, it used to be our weekly treat, going on Thursdays for chicken tortilla soup night, but the last few times we went it just wasn't all that good, and we are trying not to spend so much money but rather save it, so...Spencers night was one of the first things to go. I did notice last night that it really is an old persons restaurant (so we fit right in!) with most of the patrons being well over 70, and I'm thinking that it's because of the free dessert and the senior menu. For $8.99 you get your choice of about 10 different dinners, all with soup or salad, cheese toast or cornbread, and FREE DESSERT!

Yesterday I amazed myself by cleaning the entire house, washing the sheets AND ACTUALLY PUTTING THEM BACK ON THE BED! and doing another load of laundry besides that. Whew!

And now, The Daily Cuteness.

I was looking back through my old kitty blog and will probably bring some of the posts over here for a little trip back into kitty memories and also so that I'll have the pictures all in one place.

Here are the babies back when they were so very tiny. Just like human children, it's hard to believe they were once so small.

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