Saturday, September 17, 2011

On Etsy's Front Page

These cookies are really really cute and do belong on Etsy's front page, but when I look at edibles on Etsy I really wonder how anyone manages to sell them because the prices are ususally, at least to my cheap old eyes, totally outrageous.

Like these ghost cookies. Very cute, yes? And they look delicious, yes? But would you pay $18.00 for one dozen of these cookies? Maybe you'd prefer one at a time for $1.50 each, which really doesn't sound quite so bad. But then you have to add on the $8.00 for postage and your cookies now cost $26.00 for a dozen, so over $2.00 a cookie. Cookies that are incredibly easy to make yourself because all you do is buy a box of oval shaped cookies (nutter butter would be really good with chocolate on them), buy a bag of chocolate chips or that chocolate dip stuff that comes ready to melt and pour, melt said chocolate and dip those cookies in. Then add the little chocolate chips for the eyes and put in the fridge for a while. But, for lazy people, maybe the $26.00 is well worth it to have someone else do the work for you.

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Jennifer said...

Those are just nutter butters dipped in white chocolate. I can do that too!!