Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trash Picker Mimi and The Reason People Do Without Their Meds

Last night I'm lazing on the couch watching TV, the usual spot for me in the evening. Keith was already snoozing on the bed having fallen asleep at like 8 pm because by the time Friday rolls around he is totally exhausted. I hear a weird scruffling noise and that 'I caught you a prize' meow coming from the kitty door into the garage and look up just in time to see Mimi coming through the door with a huge stack of very large paper tags in her mouth. She promptly drops them on the floor and comes into the living room and flops on the floor. She's exhausted, too, apparently from the thrill of the hunt.

She found these up on the workbench, tags that I didn't even know we had or why we have them.

Later she brought in a piece of sandpaper.

And here is why people are doing without their meds these days. Last year when Keith went for his annual physical his testosterone levels were really really low. Now, you wouldn't think low testosterone (or low-T if you've seen those commercials on TV) would be such a big deal, but apparently low testosterone levels can lead to lots of other health issues, not to mention that the guy with the low testosterone feels like crap all the time and has absolutely no energy. So, he was given a prescription for Testim, a cream that comes in a little tube that you rub onto your shoulders each morning. It did seem to work and he did feel a lot better albeit still cranky, but overall, much better. The prescription came with a little credit card thing where you could activate it and get a discount on the Testim of about 40.00 a month, which made his meds work out to around $27.00, and was good for a year. For some reason even while we have been without insurance the past 4 months, the price has stayed the same. We knew the discount would run out soon and figured we could still afford around $70.00 a month for his meds since they really do help him feel better.

So, yesterday we go to pick up his next month's worth of little cream tubes, and they ring up at TWO HUNDRED FORTY SEVEN!!! dollars. WHAT!?!

Well, we certainly didn't have TWO HUNDRED FORTY SEVEN! dollars so we didn't get his meds.

We'll have to watch the 'Low-T' commercial next time for that call now phone number and we'll send you a month's free trial and see if whatever that stuff is will help, because we sure can't afford TWO HUNDRED FORTY SEVEN! dollars for testosterone cream.


DancingMooney ♥ said...

Yah tell me about it. I don't have health insurance, but the husby does through his work... but it's terribly expensive just to use it... so we often just choose to do without. Feels un-American, doesn't it?

Jennifer said...

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