Friday, August 12, 2011

Laundry and New Cats

I have a confession to make. I am no longer segregating my laundry. I have always been told that you absolutely MUST separate the whites from the coloreds or something dire might happen. If you wear a lot of red clothes, then your whites will all turn pink, we all know that, but if you wear clothes like I wear these days, well washed and sometimes even pre worn (Goodwill jeans, anyone?) then is it bad to mix your white bras in with your purple t-shirt?

Not with my clothes.

I only have a few white clothes, some pants (from Goodwill) and a few pairs of cotton underwear and white bras, and I needed a clean bra but didn't want to throw the very few white things that were in the laundry basket into the washer, wasting an entire loads worth of water on just a few things, so I decided to live DANGEROUSLY and threw them in with the colored load.

And they came out fine.

Now, back when I worked in an office, I would have never done this because I had my nice office clothes, most of them black, and you never ever wash black with anything else unless you want to wash it again. So, I was strict about separating the laundry, never allowing anything to co-mingle.

But now, in an effort to both save water and make sure I have a clean bra to wear, I'm co-mingling away. And saving water.

And now, living with eight cats. Yes, EIGHT! And it's too many, let me tell you. Poor Dusty and Genie are relegated to the back yard and so far Lucy is letting them be, mainly because I think she's a little afraid of them because they are definitely big burly cats and Dusty looks kind of cross eyed and not quite right in the head.

We kept them in the shed with the door shut for the first few days, and the first morning Keith went out there in the dark, opened the door, and scared the crap out of them. They shot out of the door and he had to wander around with a flashlight looking for them. They are very docile and friendly kitties, though, and just want to lay there and get petted, and they came right to him when he called them. We've been leaving the door open so they can venture outside, they don't go far yet but haven't been using the litter box much so I'm assuming they found an outdoor potty place. They have never been outside cats, spending their lives laying on the couch, so are cautious, but curious, and we think they will adapt to being outdoor kitties fairly easily. As long as Lucy leaves them alone.

This is Dusty:

He was brave and sitting out on the patio.

Genie was hiding under one of the shelves in the shed.

We do have numerous blankets and towels and a cat bed for them to lay on, we are not forcing them to lay on the bare wood floor.

They are good looking cats with those beautiful blue eyes.

Speaking of blue eyed kitties, here is contortionist Mimi.

She is of course laying right in the middle of the hallway where you have to step over her to get anywhere.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

What beautiful kitties! So glad, so far so good. ;)