Monday, August 15, 2011

Big Belly Bear

I think that is going to be her new name. She really is quite rotund. We have put our cats on a diet and only put food out twice a day. No more grazing.

So now she sits and stares at me. FEED ME!

When she is not staring at me sending me telepathic messages that she is STARVING TO DEATH! she is usually sleeping somewhere. Fat and yes, lazy.

I was wondering why she picked under the chair to sleep. Maybe she passed out from STARVATION and couldn't drag herself anywhere more comfortable.

I'm too weak to move BECAUSE I'M STARVING!

Speaking of big belly cats, Dusty and Genie are slowly acclimating themselves to being outdoor kitties. They have been coming out of the shed and exploring the yard just a little bit, laying out on the patio or in the flower bed. Yesterday I went out to check on them and Genie came up to get petted but I didn't see Dusty anywhere and was kind of hoping that maybe he had run away from home, mean as that may sound, but he was up laying way back on the top shelf in the shed where I couldn't see him. I really wish that we hadn't promised to take care of two more cats, but we could never live with ourselves if we had let them go to the pound.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Posey is the same way. I swear she lives to eat, rather than eating to live... LOL... but she's a sweetie none the less... when she's not cranky and pissing and moaning that she's hungry! ha! ;)