Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Leaving Las Vegas

After a rather restless night in our Best Western room, a nice room with all the amenities and a king size bed, a room that we got a discount of $10 on because we have Triple A, but a room with a bed that had a very very firm mattress on and pillows that felt like cement bags, we got up and went down to the breakfast room for coffee and whatever else they were serving. They had juices, bagels, cereal, waffles, sausages, and scrambled eggs, and it was FREE, so we ate and had our coffee and packed up our stuff to get the heck out of Vegas.

We drove over to the house to pick up the cats. James and Robby were hauling junk out of the house for one last yard sale so Keith got all involved in trying to help them haul junk and I was like let's go home already, so we finally got the cats in their carriers, loaded them up in the car, and started off down the road. We got three blocks and realized that we had forgotten their litter box and turned around to get that just in case they needed to go as often as I do on a road trip.

This is the house with all the junk in the yard and a lady with a sun umbrella looking at the junk.

Both of the cats stayed in their carriers for a while, then Dusty came out to investigate and seemed utterly confused and where are we going and what are you doing to me!?! They meowed constantly for about the first hour, Genie staying in her carrier for a long time and then finally getting brave enough to come out. She squeezed under the seat and came out by my legs so I picked her up and calmed her down, then Dusty just came up front from in between the seats, no squeezing under for him, then Genie went under Keith's seat and came up by his legs, rather dangerous when his legs are being used for driving. After a few hours they did settle down and got in behind the seats on the floor where they felt a little safer. And they finally stopped meowing.

Not too many pictures on the way home, but we did stop in the town of Baker, which is the Gateway to Death Valley and has the Worlds Tallest Thermometer. Population about 700 and I think everyone in town works at a fast food restaurant because that is all that is in this town. Every single fast food restaurant you have ever heard of is in Baker, along with three motels, one of them out of business and boarded up.

This is the Bun Boy Motel, next to the Big Boy Restaurant which I think was originally the Bun Boy Restaurant, which is also home to the Worlds Tallest Thermometer.

The way the Bun Boy is holding the arrow is a little rude, though.

This is a google pic of the town of Baker, which started out as a railroad station if you were wondering why in the world anyone would ever start a town here. Which we were wondering.

And this is a google pic of The Worlds Tallest Thermometer.

We drove through Del Taco to get some burritos to eat on the road for lunch and got some gas and back on the highway.

More driving.

We had seen this sign for a now abandoned market in Hinkley ( the town where you can't drink the water unless you want to get cancer) and I wanted a picture of it so I made Keith stop for picture time.

We got home in the early afternoon, got the cats settled in their new home in the shed which they weren't too happy about, and after a dinner at Sizzler because we were too tired to cook and there was nothing to cook in the house anyway, Keith went to bed and I went shortly after because we were exhausted.

It is not cheap to drive to Vegas even for one night, we took $300 cash which we spent most of on gas and food, put the $90.00 room on the credit card and then transferred money over to cover that after we got home, and we gave James $200 to help him out because he was short on the money he needed to pay for his move to Alabama and we are suckers.


DancingMooney ♥ said...

Glad you made it home safe with no problems, and hope the cats settle in soon. ♥

PussDaddy said...

You took some good pictures while there though.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Yeah, no desire to go to Vegas. Depressing and odd.