Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We got up at 4:30 Saturday morning and were on the road by 6 to go to the memorial for Keith's mom. We hadn't planned on leaving quite that early but Keith had talked to Katie and she wanted us to stop in Camarillo first and go have breakfast with them and then on to the service. So, we had breakfast at a little cafe near her house and then got caught in some ridiculous traffic on the 101 because I guess everyone else in the world was headed for Ventura, too, but made it to the service with time to spare.

If you can call a funeral/memorial service nice, it really was nice. Except for the sermon by the preacher about how people who aren't his version of Christian will be going to hell for eternity with Satan instead of being in heaven with Jesus. I think he said that about five times and every time he said Satan, my mind heard it in Dana Carvey's church lady voice. SATAN!

We took a bouquet to the cemetery after the lunch and did some visiting and then went to dinner with the family. We didn't get back home until 11 pm so it was a rather long day.

Then the rest of our weekend was lazy because it's way too hot up here to do much of anything.

I think Keith's mom was looking out for us, though. We took $500 out of savings to make the trip, $200 for gas and food, and $300 to give to James to take the 2 Vegas cats to the vet so that when we go get them they are current on their shots and have been checked out. They haven't been to the vet in years and years and we told James we would pay for it and give him a little extra for his trouble if he would just take them to the vet. Anyway, we get home and Keith goes up to the mailbox to check the mail and finds another settlement check from Walmart for me for $507. Hey! A long time ago I had gotten paperwork in the mail about a class action lawsuit against Walmart so of course I signed and sent back the papers, waited and waited and waited and then finally got a check for $53 and I figured that $53 was better than nothing and totally worth signing my name on a piece of paper for and that was my settlement and it was all done. Then months later here comes another check for something like $187 and so I was like HEY! and figured that now it was all settled and $187 was even better than $53. And then here comes this check for $507 and I'm all OH YEAH! and wouldn't it be nice if they kept sending me checks every 6 months or so that keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger? Anyway, the check covered what we took out of savings for the trip and the cats and it was perfect timing.

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