Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Does anyone else find the word chunky when describing a food product kind of gross? I was trying out a recipe last night for crock pot cooked lime chicken tacos and one of the ingredients was chunky salsa. Chunky. Ick.

The recipe was kind of a bomb, you cook the chicken breasts in some chili powder and lime juice for 5 or so hours on low, then shred it, add some chunky (ick) salsa and some frozen corn and then cook it for another 30 minutes and then put in your tacos. Maybe it was just the word chunky that made this not such a great recipe, edible but nothing special, and the corn in there was not a good addition. Another recipe tossed in the trash.

I'm running out of dinner ideas again. I had gone through a bunch of the cooking magazines that I seem to be unable to resist at the checkout stand in the grocery store and ripped out recipes that sounded good and made a big stack of future dinner ideas but have now pretty much lost all interest in that. Maybe because it's just too hot to cook. We should just go out for dinner.

I have two more pictures from the kitten babysitting day. When Keith got home from work he took over, fed the kitten and then took a nap on the couch with the kitten sleeping in the crook of his arm all covered up with a towel.

Keith was outside barbecuing (and drinking whiskey) last weekend and it was so hot that the cheap plastic chair he was sitting in started to melt. The back legs just kind of gave out and bent and he ended up on the ground, which he recreated for me. It was kind of weird watching the legs on the chair start to bend and crumple. They popped back into place after he got his butt out of the chair, but he was so mad at the chair that it went into the trash.

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PussDaddy said...

What a cute kitten. And love the tounge thing looks so real who would ever believe this is a recreation? lol.