Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Frame Shopping

Last week I was looking at a treasury that I was in on Etsy and Keith was looking over my shoulder which bugs the hell out of me but that's a whole different story, and he saw a photograph of a boxcar and wanted that photograph of the boxcar. It was on sale for only 2.50 so we looked at the seller's shop and found another photograph that he liked, also on sale for only 2.50, and when I'm buying something on Etsy I always look at the shop to see if they have anything else that I want so that if I'm already paying for shipping on one item I can get the most shipped for the least amount of money. Or something like that.

Anyway, here are the photos, they are small at 4x4", but totally worth the price and he is thrilled with them.

These are from Amelia Kay Photography by the way, and it looks like these photos are GONE, so it's a good thing we got them when we did.

Anyway, now that he got these photos, he needed frames for them, right? So we go over to Michaels where all of the frames are on sale for 50% off, and I find frames that would work, the photos being square you kind of need a square frame, and square frames are not that common, but no, the frames I found weren't 'rustic' enough and he doesn't see anything that he likes. In a store where they probably have 500 frames ALL OF THEM HALF OFF! and he doesn't like any of them. Sigh.

So we go down the shopping center to Aaron Brothers. Where they have 1000 frames, all of them on the BUY ONE GET ONE FOR A PENNY! sale, and I find some frames that would totally work but he once again doesn't like any of them. Bigger sigh and I'm getting really annoyed now and we have been frame shopping for like an hour and a half and OMG next time you can go by yourself.

So, these lovely photos will sit in their envelope for oh, six months or so, and then he will find the photos that he has forgotten about and the search for the perfect frame will start again. And I have a feeling that the frames that he will finally find will not be on sale at 50% off, nor will they be on sale at buy one get one for a penny.


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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Maybe you should just go get the frames that you like, and hang them on the wall and it'll just be done, and he will just have to live with it. It's not like he's going to do anything with them... right? ;)