Monday, July 25, 2011

Cat House Construction

Or, what we did this weekend.

We pulled every single thing out of what is supposed to be the garden shed and is supposed to only have garden stuff in it and of course found all sorts of stuff not garden related, like tools and buckets and car wash soap (not that we ever wash the car) and laid all the stuff in piles in the back yard. Then we took the Webster cobweb remover brush thing that works like magic on cobwebs and the broom and swept and cobweb removed all of the dirt and dead bugs and you guessed it, cobwebs, out of the shed.

We didn't just take all the junk out for fun, but to get the shed ready to have a home for Keith's mom's orphaned cats. I don't want to deal with trying to assimilate two more cats into the house, our cats were traumatized enough when Lucy went crazy, and we can't just have them loose in the yard because crazy Lucy might terrorize them, so we needed to think of someplace for them to live. Hence the shed.

And speaking of crazy Lucy, Keith let Harri come out into the front yard while he was out there on Saturday, and Harri was having a nice time sitting in the grass until she saw Lucy on top of the fence and thought she'd go say hi. Well, crazy Lucy saw Harri and proceeded to chase her through the backyard, catching her once and attacking her, all in the space of a few seconds. Keith was horrified that he let poor Harri get attacked, she's a fearful enough cat as it is and now will be looking over her shoulder even more.

Anyway, back to the shed. Keith was going to just let the orphaned cats just wander around the whole shed but I was thinking that we should make an enclosure for them because every time we open the shed door Lucy likes to go inside and check things out and if she has access to two more cats to terrorize, I can just imagine the fur flying. If the cats are inside an enclosure then at least she can't tear them up.

So, we will have a chicken wire wall with a door so we can go in and feed the cats, and the window will be left open so they can go out to an outside enclosure and he will build steps up to the window because these cats are kind of fat from lazing around inside a house all their lives.

Chicken wire walls with lots of our junk back in the shed.

Window that they will hopefully be able to squeeze their fat selves out of.

Outside area that will be enclosed.

This is the shed that Keith built himself, and it's probably the most sturdiest shed in the world, but we never have gotten the outside painted even though it's been about 5 years since he built the thing.

We thought about painting the inside before we put the cats in there, but that sounded like a whole lot of extra work, so they'll just have to live with painted walls.

And speaking of well built, this shed even has insulated walls.


DancingMooney ♥ said...

Wow, looks like a great space for the cats... hope it all works out okay, with Lucy being so mean and all. *sigh*

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