Thursday, July 7, 2011


Does Foods Co always smell like armpit?

I only went to Foods Co this morning because:

A/ They are the only store that carries low carb yogurt.

B/ It is right around the corner from the house and is very handy when I am too lazy to ride up to Vons or Winco or Save Mart.

C/ The chicken breasts were on sale and I can't think of anything else to fix for dinner. Or even what to do with the chicken breasts but maybe Keith will cook them on the grill tonight. So I don't have to cook them.

But, when you walk into a grocery store and despite the Health Department having rated the store with an A that they proudly display in the window you are assaulted with the smell of funky unwashed armpit, it doesn't really make you want to eat the food that they sell.

That's all.

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