Friday, July 1, 2011


Our neighbor Adrienne came walking up the sidewalk the other day with William in his stroller and a bundle in her arm. Uh-oh.

She said that the dogs chased off a cat that was in her back yard and then she heard tiny meowing and found this tiny tiny kitten that had just barely been born. She was wanting to know if I would take care of it but I absolutely said no, we really couldn't take on another cat since we already have 6 and Keith's mom's 2 are going to have to come here since he refuses to take them to the pound. So, no, I can't take on a tiny little kitten.

Anyway, they are keeping and feeding the kitten but she had to go in for some minor surgery this morning so they asked if I would keep the kitten today. What else could I do but say yes?

So, here is this tiny tiny kitten in a box in the bathroom and all of the other cats are like WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AND WHY IS THE BATHROOM DOOR SHUT! OMG!

I just finished feeding it which was kind of a struggle and that tiny kitten is really squirmy.

I'm really glad it's not mine and I can give it back this afternoon.

We had two days of absolutely beautiful weather here with temps in the 80's but we are in for a really really hot weekend and most of next week and then probably for the next two months. It's supposed to get up to 107 on the 4th so I'm thinking we'll just stay inside with the a/c going.

I was doing my books for the first 6 months of the year and while I'm selling stuff and making some money, it's all a wash and my expenses are wiping out any profit, I already raised a lot of the supply shop prices by 20c, enough to cover the etsy listing fees, and I'm raising almost everything in the handmade shop by $2.00. We'll see how it goes with higher prices. I'm definitely not buying any more supplies or trying anything new that I don't have supplies for right here for a while.

Tomorrow we are getting up early and hitting the road to Ventura for Keith's mom's memorial service. So not looking forward to it and hopefully Keith will be able to read his little speech without totally bawling his eyes out.

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Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

I am sorry we won't be there tomorrow... hugs to Keith. And at least he is human.