Monday, June 27, 2011

A Penny Saved

For years now Keith has tossed any change out of his pockets into a big jar each day. Every year or so we roll up the change and take it to the bank. I was kind of bored on Friday and the jar was almost full up to the top (and it's a big big jar) so I sorted out the coins and rolled them up and we took $176.00 to the bank and put it in our savings account. It just about paid for the barbecue that we took money out of the savings to buy the weekend before.

So, save your change. It does add up after a while.

And, speaking of our new Patio Bistro barbecue, we've used it like 5 times already, doing some swordfish and some chicken and some steaks and some pork chops and something else that I can't even remember. It's wonderful and so easy what with just plugging it in and turning it on.

Now that the weather is getting warmer (HOT!) here is a handy chart to make sure that you are staying hydrated that Keith got at his safety meeting at work last week.

According to this chart, everything coming out of you should be almost clear if you are drinking enough water, if it's yellow, drink more 'appropriate' fluids. Appropriate does not mean beer. If it's way dark, get your ass to a doctor!

We finally used two of our movie passes (thanks, Jennifer!) yesterday morning to go see Super 8, which we both enjoyed. If you are going to go to the movies on the weekend, go to the 10:30 am show on Sunday morning because everybody else is either still sleeping or in Church. There were maybe 6 other people in the theatre with us.

We also watched Gnomeo and Juliet last night which is a fun movie.

Keith took naps on both Saturday and Sunday and other than that didn't get much of anything done. Another lazy weekend.

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Anonymous said...

We save change too, but I'm too lazy to roll it up... I usually just dump it into one of those counter machines at the grocery store... Nice to have some extra cash that we don't otherwise think about though... and yay for a new BBQ!