Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shopping and Stuff

How are we doing on the shopping as we need it thing? I think I may get tired of this experiment real soon here.

Yesterday I was trying to think of what the heck to fix for dinner. We had one package of chicken breasts in the freezer and some romaine hearts in the fridge. And a bowl of apples on the counter. How about chicken apple walnut salad? All I would need to get would be some candied walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. So, over to Target since they've got that fancy new food section and all, and while I was shopping for the candied walnuts (expensive at 6.29 a bag but there are a lot left over for snacking or another salad) I remembered that we needed coffee, milk and coffee creamer and I wanted to get some sugar free pudding mix. I really need a sweet each evening and thought that sugar free pudding would do the trick plus I'd be getting some milk in my diet since I'm not a big milk drinker.
Total spent: $27.86.
And I found out that Keith doesn't like candied walnuts OR raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Dinner Fail.

Total spent for the first week of June: $132.51. About the same as if I'd just done one shopping trip. And right now we have a very empty fridge and freezer so I'm thinking we'll be spending a bunch this payday weekend just to restock.

Speaking of June, on Monday I felt like we were back on the coast with gray skies and cool for June in Bakersfield temps. While the rest of the country was having record heat we were way below our usual high eighties for the beginning of June. It will heat up real soon but we are enjoying the nice weather while we can.

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