Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Official

Summer is definitely here. After a pleasant start to the week, those temps are starting to creep up and we'll be in the high 80s and low 90s for a while and then we'll start getting those triple digits in just a few weeks. I can now start whining about how hot it is.

We are going to get a new ceiling fan this weekend whether we can afford it or not. Last year our living room fan went all whacky and wouldn't turn off, which was okay for the summer months, not so much when the weather started getting cooler, and when Keith tried to fix it (and wasted an entire weekend trying) it just completely broke. I remember that weekend well, trying to explain to Keith that in the long run it would be cheaper to just go get a damn fan already than have him spend hours and hours and hours trying to fix the stupid thing.

It's still hanging from the ceiling with no light fixture on it and bare wires hanging down from it.

And it would really be nice to have a ceiling fan that works.

Because it gets hot in that living room.

On another subject, Keith's brother sent some pictures of him that they found in one of the many boxes of pictures from his mom's house.

Now, it's kind of sad when your own parent, who CHOSE YOUR NAME can't spell it right, as witnessed on the back of this picture.

Little Buckaroo.

This is him in kindergarten. He looks so cute and innocent but by his own admission, he was at times an absolute little shit.

He is up there in the far left top corner, just look for the striped shirt.

He was looking at this picture and actually remembered some of the kids, like the little boy on the right, second row up from the bottom. He was always breaking his glasses and had to go around with tape on them all the time.

We were discussing what to do about the trip down to Ventura for the memorial service on July 2nd. They are burying her urn in the same plot as her husband, right on top of him because it just makes sense to do it that way (and economical sense) but they are doing it on the day before the memorial service, which is a Friday and a work day and if Keith doesn't work he doesn't get paid for that day and the following July 4th holiday and we really can't do without 2 days of pay and do we really need to be there for the burial and we decided no, we really don't. So, we are just coming down on Saturday for the service and then we don't have to spend the night anywhere and we don't have to worry about who's going to feed the cats if we are gone overnight. So, Jennifer, you don't have to clean the guest room after all! yay! ha ha.

Sister in law Caroline called yesterday asking when we were coming down, kind of expecting us to be there on Friday so I had to explain the work thing to her. She said that some ladies from her church are fixing the funeral lunch so I'm fully expecting jello salad. Because a church funeral lunches wouldn't be a church funeral lunch without some jello salad. Or ambrosia salad. And maybe a coconut cake too.

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