Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Black Cat

I've talked about our animal hoarder neighbors before, you know the ones with five dogs and 7 or 8 cats. The barking dogs. That bark at 6:30 every morning.

Anyway, last year there was this stray cat hanging around the house down the street where Rich and his wife live, and they had been feeding this stray cat hoping to adopt her. She had already had three kittens in their back yard, and Rich wanted to try and trap her and get her spayed. Before they could do that (or maybe mama cat knew what was up) she moved herself down the street to the animal hoarder house where food is available all hours of the day and night because they leave the garage door up for their cats to come and go. She set herself up in their yard and garage and then went into heat so we had every single boy cat within a mile all fighting over her in our front yards. And of course she had another litter of kittens. Which the women next door said they were going to give away. They also said they were going to take mama cat to get spayed. Before she went into heat again and produced another litter of kittens. Yeah, right.

Keith accidentally trapped the mama cat when he was trying to trap some of the other strays that had been coming into our yard so he just whisked mama cat away to the pound and now our neighbors are mad at him because even though he didn't tell them how mama cat went away, they kind of know. And we don't much care. Because we didn't want to have to put up with all of the boy cats hanging around again hoping to get lucky.

Anyway, they did give away one of the three kittens, but the other two, both black and both looking exactly alike, are still in their yard and don't look like they are going anywhere any time soon. One kitten is afraid of us but the other one is very bold and isn't even afraid of Lucy even when Lucy hisses at it. Lucy really doesn't know what to think when this little kitten comes right up to her and sniffs her. I don't mind them keeping the kittens but something tells me that they don't have any plans to get them shots or fixed. And we are pretty sure that the poor little things have worms and who knows what else. When they poop in our yard it is not a pretty sight.

So we'll just call this kitten Little Wormy.

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