Sunday, June 5, 2011

Today's Food

We rode the bikes over to Target this morning to get our free eggs. We got some bacon, lunch meat, milk, cream, lettuce, tomatoes, and tea bags. Impulse buys were a box of donuts for $1.99 and a refrigerated burrito for $1.99. Sometimes shopping with Keith is like shopping with a small child, you've got to watch what they throw in the cart.

Total spent was $36.38.

Total food thrown away today was 2 roma tomatoes that were all wrinkly and dried out, and there will probably be a few brown bananas thrown out in the next few days.

We were bad last night and went to Tom's Burgers for dinner instead of fixing our chicken tacos, total spent there was $22.00. It would have been cheaper if Keith hadn't gotten the mega two ton burger at $7.99, three patties and cheese and bacon on a huge bun. Tom's is a local hamburger stand run by a young man and an older kind of odd Greek lady who always wears a lot of makeup and very very bright lipstick. Actually I think they are both Greek and I don't think anyone's name is Tom. They do make a very good hamburger, though, much better than any fast food hamburger and if you are going to get a hamburger, you might as well support your local small business. I think these two people work 7 days a week, because I've never seen anyone else behind the counter there.

They also sell baklava alongside the burgers.

So, tonight it's the chicken tacos made with fibery low carb tortillas that once you get used to really aren't all that bad, and it's nice to still be able to eat a taco.

Then tomorrow it will be our crustless quiche made with the free eggs and the bacon we got today, with maybe a salad along side.

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