Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Definitely Summer Around Here

We hit the 100 degree mark yesterday with something like 104 expected today and 106 tomorrow. And bad air quality to go along with it.

So, when the air quality is bad are you still supposed to go outside and get your exercise or does breathing the bad air totally make your bike ride kind of beside the getting healthy point? I don't know but I've been getting up around 6am so that I can get out there before it gets too hot and the air isn't too chunky yet.

I sent Keith out on Sunday to buy himself a barbecue since we haven't had a barbecue in years and we were talking about grilling out but couldn't grill out because we didn't have a barbecue and wouldn't it be nice to not be heating up the kitchen cooking dinner and if we had a barbecue then he'd be doing the cooking. Which works for me.

I didn't want him to get a charcoal grill since it always takes forever for the charcoal to heat up and then it's either too hot and your food burns or not hot enough and then your food takes hours to cook, so we were discussing propane and how much easier that would be to just turn a switch and instant barbecue. I did not want to go shopping for a barbecue with him because I know how long it takes him to decide on something like that.

Here is what he brought home, which as far as I'm concerned is way better than propane and way way better than charcoal, because you just plug this in and wait 15 minutes for it to heat up and then slap that food down on the grill. It's an infrared something or other electric grill and it made some pretty tasty and tender steak for our dinner on Sunday night.

It's called a bistro patio grill and is just the right size for...wait for it...your patio!

Cute, right?

We watched a couple of red box movies over the weekend, too. Toy Story 3, which I totally enjoyed, the baby doll with the wonky eyeball was just perfect, and Get Him To The Greek, which was crazy and funny, and then the remake of The Mechanic, which was a good action movie and I'll watch Jason Statham in just about anything anyway. 3 bucks for a weekend of movies is a darn good deal.

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