Monday, June 20, 2011

Some Kittens

We were going through our drawer full of pictures last Friday, looking for pictures of Keith's mom for her memorial service. We did find a few of her but also lots and lots of cat pictures.

Like these ones. These were the kittens that Keith brought home in his lunchbox when he worked for the oil pump company, going out into the oil fields and repairing the big pumps. Some of the pumps would be brought back to the shop, and these four little kittens were found tucked way up inside one of them. They were brought to Keith because he already had the reputation of being the cat man, and he brought them home where we bottle fed them and fattened them up and were able to find homes for them. Good thing we didn't keep them (and yes, we were tempted to) or we'd have 10 cats right now. And speaking of having more cats, we may end up having to bring home his mom's two cats since there is no room in any of the shelters anywhere and nobody else wants them, and James can't take them with him to where he is going to be living in Alabama, and Keith promised his mom he wouldn't take them to the pound, and I don't see how we can bring two more cats into the house, but...we will probably end up with two more cats that I will end up doing all of the caretaking of.

Anyway, we kept these four little kittens in the bathroom and every time Keith went to do his business, he would have four little kittens sitting in his pants.

There were three little siamese looking ones and one little black one with bug eyes which we of course called Popeye. One of the white ones was very brave and very hungry and as they got a little bigger and learned how to eat real food, he would run into the kitchen the minute we opened the bathroom door and jump right into the middle of the cat food dish with both paws gripping the edge of the dish, growling his little growl if anyone else got too close. We called him Butterball because he definitely started turning into a little butterball.

The little black one liked Keith's work boot.

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