Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We're Number Four!

An online article about the top ten cities where the economy will probably get even worse caught my eye the other day. California made the top six, with Riverside the worst, then Stockton, Los Angeles, BAKERSFIELD AT NUMBER FOUR!, San Francisco, and Sacramento. Who cares what states the other cities were in, California RULES!

Yep, here in Bakersfield the unemployment rate still hovers around 12%, with the smaller agricultural towns around here coming in at 35% and 40%. So, despite all the so called good news about the recovery and how 200,000 new jobs were created last month or whatever, we've still got a long long way to go.

The same news report bragging about all the new jobs showed people going back to work. At a Bloomingdale's outlet store. Where they are probably making minimum wage. Yeah.

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I'm stalling this morning because I don't really feel like going and cleaning the shower that really needs to be cleaned. And the rest of the bathroom that really needs to be cleaned.

I've been keeping busy with Keith gone, working on gift bags and painting some new charms and doing some new little wood pins. Like these:

Available here and only $4.00 each!

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