Monday, April 4, 2011

Quick Weekend

Keith got home at about 8pm on Friday after getting on the wrong freeway and nearly ending up in Indio. He drove for about an hour before he finally figured out that it wasn't the way home. It quickly looked like a hurricane had hit after he brought in all his dirty clothes and new grip bag full of new equipment for work. Especially looking like a hurricane after he started unpacking all of his new gear to show me and piled up the dirty clothes by the washer.

He put on all his new gear to model it for us.

New hard hat with removable shields for different sorts of work, and according to the rules, you'd better have the correct face shield on for whatever work you are doing. New safety jacket with long sleeves that has to be worn at all times when welding. New gloves. New leather leg shields, something he's never had before but they keep your legs and boots from getting burnt by sparks.

This is the metal mesh face shield:

Nathan and William had stopped by and William does not want to be held by this monster looking man. Daddy! Save me!

We did a little shopping for travel sized toiletries and some more work shirts, got the second half of the new tires put on the car and had breakfast at Denny's while waiting for the tires. It worked out perfectly, Denny's is in the same parking lot as the tire store and they called to say they were done just as we were waiting for the check. We were debating on whether we should wait on the tires but they had ordered them for us special and were holding them for us and since he'll be doing a lot of traveling, better to make sure the tires are good.

We did his laundry and I actually made him dinner on Saturday which wasn't all that great but he didn't want to go out to eat since that's all he'd done all week even though I would have loved to go out to eat because I'm ready to go somewhere after being home alone all week.

Then on Sunday morning I had him show me how to use the new lawn mower so that I could mow the lawn while he's gone. Let me tell you, I would not want to be a gardener for a living- that is hard work! We have to weed whack all around the yard edges and the stepping stones first, then mow, and that weed whacker makes your arms hurt and then the lawn mower is kind of heavy and you have to watch out so that you don't run over the cord. But, I got the lawn mowed and was just finishing up when his work buddy drove up to pick him up and leave town again. It was so nice of him to offer to come by and get him so that I could have the car this week even though I can't really drive it anywhere until we get the window fixed. The window that is duct taped and cardboarded up until Wednesday when the part will be in and it will cost at least $500 to fix. Sigh.

Anyway, he's off again and it will be another kind of strange week here all by myself.

Oh, new cat post here:

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