Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Number Two

Most of us don't worry about where we are going to go to the bathroom should the need strike while at work. I worry about it when traveling but never had to worry back in my working days because there was always a bathroom somewhere nearby. But what about if you work on the road? Or railroad tracks as the case may be?

During the first week of training the topic came up about where the guys are supposed to relieve themselves and what about the dreaded number two, cause when you've got to go, you've got to go! Nature is calling and you'd better answer the phone!

So, the trainer was telling them how to relieve their bladders on the road. You go to your truck and open up the doors on the tool boxes or wherever and stand there and pretend that you are getting a tool out of your truck and problem solved. But again, what about number two?

The trainer did say that it is never recommended that you just drop trousers and squat by the tracks (unless you WANT to get fired) and there is a product out there for exactly this type of situation although they have never bought any for their crews. It's called Brief Relief. It comes all packed in a handy bucket (that can also be used as a stool...snicker...he said stool!) and has plastic bags and special chemicals to break down your waste and a comfy toilet seat that goes on top of the bucket. And a privacy tent. That you can carry around like a backpack.

So, you can set up your little privacy tent right next to the railroad tracks where you are working and there you go, nobody will have a clue as to what you are doing.

I think most of the guys just hold it all day.


Anonymous said...

yah, I think I'd just have to hold it... LOL!

Jennifer said...

We had to discuss this at work today. We were already on the topic of toilet humor so I told them about this product. We laughed for a really long time.